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Protocol in Inner Wheel



Protocol, carried effectively maintains the decorum of any meeting and adds dignity. Protocol is the formal etiquette and procedure for formal ceremonies. It is a code of behavior and set of courtesies, which add grace, beauty and dignity to any function. It also enhances the stature of all those who observe these customs and creates an ambience of goodwill and happiness all around.

Inner Wheel being an international organization and having different layers of administration has plenty of scope for both – the need to follow certain decorum and the desirability of observing proprieties.

Protocol has many facets and must be applied and followed in different ways.

  1. Correspondence
  2. Seating arrangements at various meetings.
  3. Addressing the Inner Wheel Dignitaries.
  4. Visits of Inner Wheel Dignitaries.

Line of Communication
Correspondence should be from

Club District —————————-> 

District      ———————— ——>     Association

Association       ————————->     IIW                  

Only greeting cards, invitations, newsletters can be sent directly to IIW.

Club Level

  • During District Chairman’s Official visit to the club, the District Chairman is the Chief Guest and thus sits where it is written Chief Guest.
  • For Club Projects and Programs instead of IPP Project Chairman should be seated.
  • If Association President or Guest of Honour is also present then they will sit between the President and Vice President.
  • Place of Honour is to be given on the Dais to any other Association Officer present.

District Level

This is to be followed at the District Meetings such as District Assembly/ Conference.



  • If Association President is not present then the seating arrangements remains the same except that Association President’s Chair is not kept.
  • All other Inner Wheel Dignitaries Past District Chairmen Past and Present Association Officers to be seated in the front row.
  • Rotary Governor is also to be seated in front row.


Club Function

  • Club President Presides over all the meetings, she must be addressed first. All others including District Chairman/Chief Guest will be addressed after addressing the President.
  • If District Chairman is present, then she will be addressed after the Club President.
  • If both the Association President/District Chairman are present, then after the Club President, the Association President and then the District Chairman will be addressed.
  • If the District Chairman is present, she will be the Chief Guest.

District Function

  • Chairman presides and to be addressed first.
  • If Association President is present, she is next.
  • If IIW President is present, then she will be addressed first and Association President after her.
  • Association President is the Chief Guest at the District Conference/ District Assembly. All others could only be guest speaker or Guest of Honour. But avoid calling others.
  • All PDCs, Past and Present Association Officers, District EC Members
    (if not on the dais) are to be seated in the first row.
  • IIW or Association Officers are addressed before District Executive, PDCs, dignitaries and Members of Inner Wheel.
  • The above will be addressed before acknowledging Rotary dignitaries and guests.
  • The spouses of the District Chairman and District Officers, if present, must be seated in the first row, and their presence to be acknowledged.
  • The first lady of Rotary District also must be seated in the front row and her presence to be acknowledged.

Inner Wheel is an International Organization based on the Motto of Friendship, Service and International Understanding. Administratively, it functions at 4 levels. India is the 2nd largest Association. Inner Wheel is totally democratic at all levels. Every office is an elected one and every Club has a right to vote. IIW is governed by a Constitution and it is amended every 3 years at the IIW Convention. Once in three years an International Convention is held, proposals are submitted to amend the Constitution.

A conference of the Association or the Triennial Conference is held once in three years and amendments to the bylaws of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India are passed by a majority of the Voting delegates.

Meetings Club Level

It is usual for Clubs to meet monthly although some Clubs do prefer to meet fortnightly. Where Clubs have a speaker at the meeting, the business session should be transacted before the speaker arrives.

The following is a suggested procedure:

  • President’s opening remarks
  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of the previous meeting to be read, confirmed and signed.
  • Matters arising
  • Finance
  • Any other business

Quorum of Meeting

20% of the Members of the Club form Quorum for the General Body Meeting and 4 Members form Quorum for the Executive Meetings respectively. At least 10 General Body Meetings should be held in one year and Executive Meetings should be held depending on the needs of the Club.

Meeting’s District Level

30% of the District Committee or any Standing Committee shall constitute a Quorum. The District Committee shall meet at least twice a year (held during July Assembly and December Conference time). Meetings of the District Executive Committee shall be held as often as necessary. 


  • Club President receives the District Chairman.
  • District Chairman/Club President receives the Association President.
  • The Visiting dignitary must be seen off by District Chairman / Club President.

Certain Facts for your Attention Please:

  • Be prompt in replying, especially to an invitation.
  • Each invitation card of Club / District must have District Number.
  • It must have at least one full R.S.V.P. address with Pincode and telephone number for acknowledgment.
  • Colour of Inner Wheel emblem, badges and collar should be uniform.
  • Colour of Badges and Ribbon of the Collar: Royal Blue for Clubs. Light Blue for District.
  • Wear your lapel pin at all meetings. If chairing a meeting, wear the Collar.
  • We are Members of Inner Wheel and not Inner Wheelers.
  • Don’t use or encourage the use of Chairperson, it is Chairman.
  • Don’t print International Inner Wheel on your stationary.
  • Use only Inner Wheel District Number and not Rotary District Number.
  • Use the name of the Club as it is given in the Charter.
  • Club Charter must be handed over at the Club Installation and preferably shown to the Chairman during her official visit.
  • Inner Wheel prayer to be read at the start of an Inner Wheel meeting.
  • Be aware of Rules, Constitutions and Bye Laws. Do not hesitate to refer to them as often as necessary.
  • Check that you have the latest copy and not any outdated one.
  • Check that the Clubs / District E.C. Members also have the latest copies.
  • Do not ask the invited Inner Wheel Member or guest for any contribution, sunshine or raffle.
  • Do not impose yourself on others, while visiting other cities,districts or countries.
  • Share news, views and responsibilities with your E.C. Members.
  • Be impartial, fair and just in case of any dispute.

Induction of New Members & Welcome Oath

At the General Body Meeting, the President/Past President or any other Inner Wheel dignitary present can induct the new Member. The person inducting shall read the objects of Inner Wheel and address each of the new Members by name and say,

“You have been invited to become a Member of this Inner Wheel Club because we are sure you will welcome the responsibilities if friendship and service that membership brings with it. We believe that you will enjoy being a member of our truly international organization and take a full and active part in all that this cub offers.

We do hope that you will feel you are among friends and enjoy participating in all the aspects of Inner Wheel. The President will call upon all present to stand and addressing the new member say,

(Say name of person)  __________________________ on behalf of the members of the Inner Wheel club of ______________ I welcome you and ( addressing the club )  I introduce this new member to you and ask to extend your friendship to her”.