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Message from District Chairman


District Chairman & Deputy AC Member 2022-23

Dear friends,

It is an indeed a proud and honour to serve as 49th District Chairman of the prestigious District 317 for the year 2022-23. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to new IW Year 2022-23. I wish each of you a great IW Year. The beauty of IW is that to do the service with friendship to the community. The magic will start to happen as the wheel begins to roll.

I am indeed proud of inherit a rich legacy of past 48 District Chairmen who have contributed immensely towards the growth of our District 317. The success formula of our District 317 has been the blend of discipline, modernity and tradition. We are always accepting the modern technology and newer trends without giving up the root values and principles of our District.

98 years journey of Inner Wheel has given us endless opportunities to serve our society, live a richer and more meaningful life. I feel very proud that we all are the part of this wonderful organisation. It made us stronger, confident and shaped our personality.

Work wonders is a beautiful, brilliant and meaningful theme given us for this year by our IIW President Zenaida Farcon. And Association President Dr, Surjit Kaur’s vision WE CARE is based on Women and Adolescent girl Welfare, Environment, Cancer, Anaemia, Retention and Extension in Inner Wheel and Education with a strong emphasis of women empowerment.
I am sure with these goals will encourage our clubs to implement service projects that will benefit to communities and upgrade the lives of the underprivileged. I am very honoured to have been lead to entrusted with the task of leading the clubs in District 317 to work towards these goals.

‘The purpose of our lives is to be happy’- Dalai Lama

Happiness is the ultimate goal of the life for each one of us. I appeal all of you to evolve and consider Inner Wheel services as best exercise to achieve maximum happiness in your life.

My sincere good wishes to all the club office bearers of 2022-23 as embarks on a journey of learning, serving and caring.

I wish you all the best and together as a team, we have the power and magic to achieve our goals. Let us motivated, inspired and encouraged to serve more to the community.

God bless us all, keep us safe. Looking forward to enjoy a prosperous IW year 2022-23.

Mahananda Chandargi
District Chairman & Deputy AC Member 2022-23.
Inner Wheel District 317