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Though District 317 came into existence later Inner Wheel Club of Sangli was the First Club to be formed on 30th May 1967. It was then a Non-Districted Club. In April 1968, our District was formed with Clubs in Bangalore,Mysore and Tumkur. From 1970 to 1973, IWC of Sirsi, Panjim, Raichur, Hubli, Hospet and Bellary were formed. In 1974, all these Clubs were joined to form the new Inner Wheel District 317. Mrs. Kamala lyengar from IWC Hubli took the initiative in bringing all the Clubs together and forming New Inner Wheel District 317. In 1977 and 1984,our District was bifurcated and some of the Clubs from our District were transferred to other Districts like District 316,318 and 313.

Now our District comprises of Northern part of Karnataka Southern part of Maharashtra and entire state of Goa, with Members from 59 Clubs. Our District is now 48 years old. 47 Past District Chairmen of our District have served the District with great ability and efficiency. All of them have tried to expand our District. Inner Wheel Members in our District come from different castes,communities and religions, wearing different clothes and speaking different languages, but all are bound together with the strong bond of FRIENDSHIP, It represents the best example of Unity in Diversity The Clubs in our District are serving the community by undertaking various Projects for the betterment of the community which depicts the best example of SERVICE.

Our District has also worked at the Association level. PDC Mrs. Smita Shirgaonkar from IWC Miraj, PDC Mrs. Maneck Kapadia from IWC Belgaum and PDC Mrs. VidyutShah from IWC Kolhapur have served as Association Treasurer. PAT Mrs. Smita Shirgaonkar from IWC Miraj, the first lady from Dsitrict 317 who received the prestigious Margarette Golding award for the year 2019-20 for her commendable service to the community.

IPDC Mrs. Ratna Behere will be elected as Association Secretary for the year 2022-23.