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  1. The President presides over all Meetings, and is responsible for the interests and well being of her club.
  2. She should be impartial in all matters, her aim being to promote Friendship and Service by personal contact with every Member of the Club.
  3. The IIW Constitution and Handbook (downloadable on IIW website). Association Bye-Laws, Dist. Committee Club Rules should be studied thoroughly, and refer to them without hesitation. This is better than making a mistake.
  4. If the above Rule Books are not available, an order has to be placed with District Treasurer.
  5. Accept suggestions from your Members with an open mind, and plan your activities and projects well in advance, with their co-operation.
  6. Every month, tell your Members in brief, all that has taken place in the club, during the previous month.
  7. Welcome “New Members” correctly, always following the procedure given in the latest IIW Constitution and Handbook.
  8. Try and increase Membership of the Club.
  9. Arrange as many “Fellowship Programme”, as possible.
  10. Be prompt in sending the Ballots to IIW and Association.
  11. Be prompt in your correspondence with International Inner Wheel, Association President, District Officers and Link Clubs.
  12. Encourage and persuade Members to attend Club and District Level functions in large numbers.
  13. Work in harmony with the Club Secretary, because it is she who takes the brunt.
  14. Resign yourself, to giving quite a bit of your time to Inner Wheel work, during the year.
  15. Be impartial in your decisions.
  16. Make sure of “unity” and “frankness” amongst your fellow Members.
  17. Act immediately and see that each Member is doing her bit by rendering some personal service.
  18. Offer “hospitality” and extend friendship to the Inner Wheel Members from other District.
  19. All letters and correspondence from the Chairman, District Executives, Association, IIW, etc., should be read to Members at the meetings.

The Vice President presides at the Meeting in the absence of the President but does not wear the Collar. She can gain much useful experience by helping her President in every possible way.


The Immediate Past President provides continuity in the administration. The experience and knowledge she has gained during her tenure of office can be great value. She cannot hold any office in her Club in the year following her terms as Immediate Past President. N.B: There will be no immediate Past President for new Club in the year of inauguration.

    1. The first and foremost duty of the Secretary is to prepare the Agenda. Send out Notices for the regular Club Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings to Members at least one week before the Meeting. This should be done in consultation with the President.
    2. The Minutes of the regular meetings and Executive Committee meetings have to be prepared by the Secretary in consultation with the President. Minutes must be circulated to Members, recorded in the Minutes Book, read and confirmed at the next Meeting.
      Two separate Minutes Books should be maintained:

      1. General Body Meeting Minutes Book
      2. Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Book.
        The Minutes of the General Body Meeting should then be sent to the District Chairman for her records. (This varies from District to District)
    3. Similarly, two Attendance Registers (Executive Committee Meeting and General Body Meeting) should be maintained, where the signatures of those present at the Meeting should be taken.
    4. In order to facilitate her work, the Secretary should prepare an up-to-date list of all Members, along with their mailing addresses, telephone, mobile numbers and email ID’s if any, and with the portfolios they hold. This list should be distributed to all members, and changes should be notified immediately. This will help the Secretary a great deal and will also help other Members to have a better contact with each other.
      “List of the Club Members” should be sent to the District Chairman and the District Secretary, for their official records, along with the names of the District Voting Delegates.
    5. During her tenure of Office, the Secretary will receive letters and circulars from the Head Quarters of International Inner Wheel. It is the duty of the Secretary to inform the Members in the Meetings and she should respond to them properly.
    6. It is the duty of the Secretary to help the President to make Programs as interesting as possible. All effort should be made to include those items, which are of interest to ladies, so that everyone can participate. Your club should be a second home for all members.
    7. It is the privilege of the Secretary to get acquainted with the activities of other Clubs through their Secretaries, and thereby create better understanding between the Clubs in the District.
    8. The Secretary must extend help to newly formed Clubs and on some special occasion or celebration an effort should be made to invite other Club Officers as well as District Officers and Rotarians.
    9. A general Register of Members and Membership from including their date of Joining and Offices help in Inner Wheel should be maintained and kept up-to-date.
1st Report –
July To November Till
20th November, 2021
Please send the Project Report and one Project Photograph to the District Chairman, District Secretary & District Editor by email only.
2nd Report –
December to March Till
20th March, 2022
Please send the Project Report and one Project Photograph to the District Chairman, District Secretary & District Editor by email only.
Compiled Report for Souvenir Till
05th May, 2022
Please send the Compiled Project Report to the District Editor with one Project Photograph by email only.

The Club Project Reports must be prepared by the Club President in consultation with the Club Secretary in November and March and send to the District Chairman as per   the instruction and pattern given below:

Please Follow the Reporting Pattern

Inner Wheel Club of ______________________________

Sr No. Club / Joint Date / Venue / Members Attended Amount Spent No. of Beneficiaries Remarks
Inspiration / Implementation / Impact What / Why / How


  1. Make the Club PAN Card if not made. Requirement of PAN Card – Xerox of charter Certificate; Xerox of Bye Laws and Address of any Senior Member I Past President.
  2. Opening of Accounts: The Account should be opened in Nationalized or Scheduled Bank Only. Two accounts should be opened as under.
    • Administrative A/C in which fees are to be deposited, which are used for Club Administration e.g. printing and stationary of the Club, postage and photo copies etc.
    • Charity A/C in which the donation and the fund raised amount is to be deposited which is used for projects to be done for the community. Our financial year starts from 1st July 2021 and ends on 30th June 2022. The bank accounts are to be closed on 30th June 2022 by the outgoing Treasurer. She is not entitled to operate these accounts after 30th June 2022.
    • Under any circumstances Amount from charity account should not be transferred to the Club Account.
  1. Auditing: The accounts are to be audited at the end of the year and copies of the audited accounts are to be presented in the G.B. Meeting for the information of the Members. One copy of the same is to be sent to the District Treasurer before 30th September. The Club accounts are to be presented with an Income and Expenditure statement. If the Club has Fixed Deposits, then the account has to be audited with Balance sheet.
  2. Dues: It will be your duty as Club Treasurer to impress upon your Club Member that all the dues should be paid as soon as you receive the 1st Circular from the District Treasurer. Place this Circular in your E.C. and G.B. Meetings and inform the Members how important it is to pay the Membership dues in time. The Club dues should be collected in the month of July and August. If the fees are not paid promptly then the reminders are to be sent to the Members.
    The full year fees of all the Club Members, calculated correctly are to be sent to the District Treasurer in one instalment before 30th September 2021.
    Only those Members joining the Club after January 2022 will be entitled to pay half yearly fees. The fees of Honorary and Honorary Active Members are also to be sent to the District Treasurer. The fees must be sent to District Treasurer by RTGS I NEFT I DD only, payable at Canara Bank, ——– in the name of “No. 317 Inner Wheel District Committee – Administrative A/C” bearing A/C. No. ——– (and not in her personal name) to the District Treasurer 2021- 2022. The fees must be remitted to the District before the date given by District Treasurer Mrs. Jyothikiran Das in her first circular (Details for transfer of fees) preferably by RTGS / NEFT transfer.
    The details of Fees must be sent in the format given below along with your D. D.
  1. Accounts: Two accounts must be maintained:
    • Club Account
    • Charity Account
      Charitable donation received from the public must be used for the purpose for which it is collected. To do otherwise it  a LEDGER must be maintained manually or in a computer using a good software. All the cheques must be signed jointly by the Treasurer and the President or Secretary.
  2. Trust A/C: It can be formed only for some major projects of a permanent nature running of several years. For details you can contact the District Chairman.
  3. If your Club needs the IW Literature, place an order for it in consultation with the President and Members with the District Treasurer or District Chairman.
  4. Files: Following documents are to be maintained:
    • The Letters containing the details of fees sent to the District Treasurer.
    • The Bills and Vouchers of Payments made.
    • Receipt Books.
    • D. Receipt.
    • Pass Books
    • Audited Statements of accounts (Administrative and Charity Fund A/C) of the previous year, with the signature and seal of the Auditor and duly signed by Club President Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. Close the Bank A/C by 30th June 2022 and hand over the files to the incoming Treasurer. Complete the auditing of accounts at the earliest. Please contact the District Treasurer or the District Chairman in case you still have any doubts. Do not hesitate to contact them for any clarification.

Name of the Club ______________________________

Sl. No. Name of the Member Active Member Honorary Member Honored Active Member Honored turned Active Member IIW Fees Association Fees Triennial Fees Dist Fees Souvenir Contribution Total Amount


No. of Members in the year 2020 – 2021
No. of Members in the year 2021 – 2022
No. Members resigned in the year 2020 – 2021
No. of New Members added In the year 2021 – 2022

The break upto the dues for this year is a sunder:

llW Capitation Rs. 350.00
Association Dues Rs. 45.00
Triennial Fees Rs. 15.00
District Fees Rs. 150.00
Souvenir Contribution Rs. 20.00
Total Rs. 580.00

* II W capitation subject to change depending upon the dollar   rate. You will get intimation from Dist. Treasurer Mrs. Jyothkiran Das in her first Circular.




  1. The aim of International Service in the Inner Wheel Movement, is to foster goodwill and build understanding amongst the members of Inner Wheel, helping the members throughout the world to get to know one another and for the ultimate realization of Inner Wheel objects and goals.
  2. Keep in touch with District International Service Organizer, who will arrange to get Indian and Foreign Link Clubs for the Clubs.
  3. Correspond with Link Clubs abroad and attend promptly to all letters received from other Clubs and Districts in India.
  4. Exchange Christmas and National Festival Greetings with Foreign and Indian Link Clubs.
  5. Send, if possible, a gift of a handicraft or any other item of typical Indian workmanship to Link Clubs in foreign countries.
  6. Send copies of Club Souvenirs, Bulletins to Indian and Foreign Link Clubs.
  7. Provide details of Club Meetings, address, etc., of Foreign Clubs, which members of your club, are likely to visit.
  8. Co-ordinate your work with the District International Service Organizer, and keep a lively interest in International affairs.
  9. Arrange, at least two or three Club Programmes in the year, to which you invite students and visitors from abroad to speak on their local customs, culture, way of life.
  10. Make proper arrangements to welcome them and be hospitable to members of other Inner Wheel Clubs visiting your town.


  1. Organize programmes for children, such as various competitions in Art, Handicraft, painting and other hobbies.
  2. Send important news items of Club Projects and events for publication to Inner Wheel District Website, Rotary Club Bulletins and local Newspapers in all languages.
    Work in close co-operation with the District Editor and take a keen interest in District publications by sending articles and advertisement for publications. Send reports of Club activities and photographs for publication.
    Keep records, history, photographs, press cuttings of Club Activities and any other items which may help to enrich the history of the club. Inform Club Members at the meeting about personal details, important event in lives of their members, Provide geographical, historical and cultural background of their corresponding link area at the time of regular Club Meetings.