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Become a Member


A female above 18 years can take up membership which is classified into 3 Catagories.

  1. Active Membership
  2. Honoured Active Membership
  3. Honorary Membership
    • A Member May Belong to 1 Club only.

1. Active Membership can be taken up by

  1. Women related to present or former Inner Wheel Member.
  2. Women related to Rotarians, Rotractor’s or former Rotarians.
  3. Women who have been invited to join-provided that a majority of the Club members agree.

NOTE: In clubs where the majority of members are from Inner Wheel or Rotary families, any member proposing a new invited member should give the proposed members biodata to the club president who will present it in club EC meeting and if they agree then in the coming general body meeting President will announce and hold a secret ballot. For the proposed member to become a member, she must get minimum 2/3rd majority. For clubs opened with members invited to join Inner Wheel, this process need not be followed.

2. Honoured Active Membership

A Club may confer Honoured Active Membership on an Active Member who has given outstanding service to Inner Wheel. The Club will pay the Member’s due for the year in which Honoured Active Membership is awarded. In the following years, she retains Honoured Active Status but pays all her own dues. Such a Member retains all the rights of Active Membership for life or until she leaves Inner Wheel.

3. Honorary Membership

Clubs may invite up to 4 female Members whom they wish to honour to become Honorary Members. Honorary Members have no vote and cannot hold office in a Club. Such member shall be subject to nomination and election annually. Having served for at least 2 years within a Club, Honorary Members may be offered Membership as Active Members providing the majority of the Club agrees. These Members shall then have Active Members rights. This category of Membership must not exceed 4 at any given time. Members who transfer to other Clubs will be admitted as Active Members of those Clubs.