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The Inner Wheel is the World's Second Largest women's organization and comprises of the women folk of Rotarians. It is a Recognized Voluntary Non-Governmental Organization to help and serve the needy and under privileged sections of the society. In Recognition of Its Social Service, it has got Representation in the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The Inner Wheel concentrates upon FRIENDSHIP and PERSONAL SERVICE. It is not what is termed as ``a money raising organization.``Each club selects its own charities and channels of service. One of the greatest features of Inner Wheel is the opportunity given to its Members the world over to get to know one another, thus contributing to INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP AND UNDER-STANDING.


We celebrate 10th January as International Inner Wheel Day. The idea of celebrating this day was put forth by the second II W President Mrs. Helena Foster. She chose this special day because it was on 10th January 1924 that the first Club was formed and the name ‘INNER WHEEL’ was adopted. Mrs. Helena had said I would like to have one day in the year when all Inner Wheel members do something special and think of their fellow Members around the world, to do some kind of personal service.”

This Day has now become a wonderful opportunity for all of us, to take out the time for any worthy cause.


Friendship and Service

The official Inner Wheel emblem consists of 2 gear wheels, one inside the other, with 6 spokes radiating out ward from the center hub. there are 24 teeth (cogs) on both the wheels. The word INNER appears at the top and the word WHEEL appears at the bottom of the rim.

It also has official Colors. The emblem must be golden in color and the inner and the outer wheels must be royal blue in color. The words INNER WHEEL should be golden in color.

PDC Mrs. Jean Park in, from District 04 says, The logo is obviously a gear of wheel and the TEETH on the outer side represent the CLUBS around the world. If one of these teeth breaks off, the gear may slip a bit, but it continues its work.  The 6 SPOKES represent the OFFICERS and service committees, even if one of these fails the movement will continue. The TEETH of inner side of the wheel represent the work we do. If one of these teeth gets broken, the rest will continue to benefit. the DOT IN THE MIDDLE is the INDIVIDUAL MEMBER, if the HUB FAILS, NOTHING WILL WORK.” so don’t forget to oil the HUB, which helps to make the GEAR run smoothly.


As we all know, Inner Wheel came to India in 1955. It has been along journey from the day the first Inner Wheel Club was formed in Manchester in 1924.

The Inner Wheel movement slowly gathered momentum and soon acquired a stature and semblance of maturity 1955 to 1968 was a period when efforts were made to give India place of importance on the international Inner Wheel map and finally India was given the privilege of having a National Council of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka. As the clubs in India increased, it was a necessary step that a National Council would look after the working of the clubs in India and Sri Lanka and its head would be known as IIWR (International Inner Wheel Representative).

In 1968, when the National Council was formed, Dr. (Mrs.) Malati Rana of Naysari, Gujarat became the first IWR. She held this office for two years. She was able to consolidate the clubs and take the initial steps to give a firm direction to Inner Wheel in India.

As the time moved on, Dr. Dipika Shah of Ahmedabad became the IIWR in 1970-1971. She continued the efforts to give a strong foundation to Inner Wheel. Unfortunately, she is no more with us.

In 1971 Mrs. Malathi Rama Krishna Rao from Bangalore took over as the IIWR. She was a firm disciplinarian and many of us have very fond memories of her leadership. From 1972-1974, we had a very petite, graceful and wonderful leader Mrs. Meher N.Framjee, who lived in Agra physically, but actually lived in the hearts of all, with her immense charm and rapport with so many of us. She led the country for two years and then moved to Mumbai from Agra. A Role Model to most of us, she was extremely active and was seen at most of the Triennial Conferences.

Mrs. Asma Mascati was a very quiet and sober personality,extremely talented and versatile. She lived in Surat and was our IIWR in 1974-1975. In 1975 Mrs. Nagamani Chandrashekhar took over as the IIWR. She hailed from Bangalore and looked after the National Council in its final phase because in 1976 we were honoured to have our Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka.

These stalwarts sowed the seeds of Inner Wheel in India and gave our country a tremendous leadership and a semblance of stature and dignity.

We hail and salute theses Shining Stars Our Past IIWRS.

(Credit: Past IIW President Mrs. MinnaKapur)


Inner Wheel provides one of the most basic human needs, the need for friends and fellowship.

In Inner Wheel continues one’s growth and education in human relations and personal development.

Inner Wheel is an organization of service minded and capable personalities. Serving in Inner Wheel positions is like a College education in leadership, learning how to motivate, influence and lead people from different walks of life.

Inner Wheel is fun. A lot of fun. Each meeting is fun. The Club projects are fun. Social activities are fun and the service in fun.

Many individuals who joined Inner Wheel were afraid to speak in public earlier. Inner Wheel develops confidence and skills and provides an opportunity in public communication

Every Inner Wheel member proudly wears a pin that says inner wheel which is spread in 103 Nations worldwide.

Inner Wheel has conferences conventions, Assemblies, Institutes and workshops that provide entertainment in addition to Inner Wheel Information, education and service.

Around the world, practically every religion, country, culture, race, creed, political persuasion, language, colour and ethnic identity is found in Inner Wheel. It is a cross section of the world’s most prominent citizens from every background. Inner Wheel Members become aware of other cultures and learn to live and work with people everywhere. They become better citizens of the country they belong to in the process.

Inner Wheel Members above all are nicest People on the face of the earth. Of course they are the most important people, but they realize that it is more important to be nice.

Inner Wheel is a Service Organization. It provides ample opportunities and varieties in the field of service to the community.



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